Hockey Fun Night! - Wednesdays!

Hockey Fun Night! - Wednesdays!

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YOU MUST BOOK PRIOR TO SESSION! If checkout error occurs, please call 651.207.6460 to reserve! We are working to resolve the issue!

(If there are no confirmed reservations, the facility may not be open.)


Come in for an open house of hockey games and full use of the facility and training tools! Stations will be set up for:

  • Super Deker
  • Knockout Net
  • Sauce Kits
  • Bean Bags
  • Shooting Lane (tarps)
  • Access to all training tools and visual trainers. 

Two, 1 hour long sessions to choose from each Wednesday evening!

Get off the screens and into the rink for an hour of fun!


Fitness area will be closed during Wednesday Hockey Fun Nights!