Best Shift was created by the much-loved & respected, 2X Team USA Inline World Champion, & professional ice hockey player, John Schiavo. As a 15 year old in New York, John joined the ranks of pro inline hockey. Soon after, he was invited to back to back NY Islander Rookie Camps & has been playing professionally since. Parallel to his playing career, John made himself knows across the world as a favorite coach of hundreds of hockey players. From new players that have just picked up a stick, to NHL athletes looking to improve their hands, John is the skills specialist known by many that makes them a better hockey player, and a better human. Now living in MN, John is determined to bring his love for coaching & his incredible skill level to the Minnesota Hockey Community through a coaching style rarely seen in the game.


Hockey skills training for all ages & skill levels.

  • On Ice Skills Clinics (Orono & Burnsville
  • Off Ice available year round; private, small groups & teams.
  • Off Ice Camps & Clinics (January Registration)
  • Facility Rentals available for BYOC (bring your own coach), team building & Birthday Parties
  • Call for drop in shooting lane appointments!

    Allows athletes to focus on accelerating skills such as shot accuracy, puck control & protection and stick handling

    Bonus: rink time saves $ over ice time


    A variety of camps are available in Orono & Burnsville in 2024.

    Call 651-207-6460 for availability.


    Smaller groups provides higher quality coach interaction, more puck touches & more 1:1 evaluation & feedback for each athlete.

Make your next shift your BEST SHIFT

What to expect from BEST SHIFT HOCKEY

Confidence in handling the puck

We hear it over and over again, the parent voices echoing through the arena... SKATE! SKAAAAAATE! Your kiddo has the puck on their tape and seemingly forgets how to skate. It's not the skating that is the hiccup, its confidence in handling the puck while skating. You will see a remarkable imporvement in handing the puck after working with Best Shift.

Shot Accuracy

Puck lift & shot direction are some of the most frustrating skills for hockey players to improve. Best Shift uses a variety of drills and games to rapidly upgrade shot accuracy in every athlete.

Shot Strength & Variety

Breaking down shot fundamentals will increase the strength of your shot as well as help diversify your shot portfolio.


Accurate passing is integral to player development & a key to successful seasons at any level of play. Elevating your passing game will help your game, and benefits the game of all of your teammates on the ice as well.

Hockey IQ

Awareness, position, play development, reading plays, creating space & interrupting opponents is essential in all levels of hockey play. Best Shift focuses on Hockey IQ in both on and off the ice training.


We believe that skill specific training is the missing link to almost every player's game. Best Shift Training is a unique hockey skills training facility where we take pride in offering the best training experience to help athletes reach their full potential. Our small group training sessions and low athlete to coach ratios ensure individualized attention to help each player improve their skills.

Our facility is equipped with the latest technology including Marsblade off ice training skates, which provide a realistic and effective way to train while helping to improve balance and stability, allowing for more precise and controlled movements…without the ice. We also utilize a variety of unique performance tools and games to keep training fun and new, allowing for a more enjoyable and dynamic experience.

At Best Shift Training, we understand the importance of making the most of your investment of time and money in the game of hockey. Our training program is designed and run by a hockey family who has a deep passion for the sport and a commitment to your success. Our coaches have years of experience playing and coaching at the highest levels and are dedicated to helping your athlete achieve their goals.

Join us at Best Shift Training and take your skills to the next level! Invest in your game and experience the benefits of training with the best in the business. Book your training sessions today and make your next shift your BEST SHIFT.